Consulting & Appraisal

The pleasure of being informed.

For a country of its size, Switzerland has a surprisingly complex real estate investment sector, with a large number of very diversified factors to be considered prior to venturing into any development project and/or acquiring additional assets.

At LCP RED, we take pride in assessing assets and investment opportunities as if they were our own. In fact, our company acts as the dedicated analysing and Due Diligence entity not only for our own clients, but also for the Loyal Capital Partners (LCP) Group’s acquisition procedure for its own portfolio.

Our Appraisal & Expertise services

Property appraisal is not only a service we offer our clients for their immediate and direct acquisitions, in particular when sourcing the most appropriate financing option for them. It also supports our own daily activities and maintains our level of expertise by allowing us to assess and evaluate properties in absolute independence, mainly as part of our internal Due Diligence prior to presenting assets to clients in line with our existing mandate.

Such a possibility sets LCP RED apart from many other consulting companies, guaranteeing a neutral and impartial analysis of cases to its clients.

Depending on the type of appraisal and the number of factors to be considered, LCP RED may either perform an in-house appraisal of the asset or refer to one its longstanding partners in the “Big Four” auditing companies.

Partnering with only the best and most stable construction companies in the country, LCP RED has become a reliable actor for those seeking to transform their dreams into stone-hard investments.

Sourcing partners, investors and opportunities can be cumbersome for many reasons. At LCP RED, our advice addresses issues from Due Diligence to compliance, as well as cross-cultural, technical and political specificities.

Focusing on return-generating assets, LCP RED closes several major transactions each year in all Switzerland, specialising in complicated negotiations and acting as investor / co-investor depending on situations.