Building with you, for you.

LCP RED – Real Estate Developments is based in Switzerland and a company of the Loyal Capital Partners (LCP) Group.

Active in real estate transactions, project developments and real estate appraisals, LCP RED constitutes one of the 3 main company of the Loyal Capital Partners (LCP) Group and manages all real estate-related business opportunities in Switzerland on behalf of the Group. Thanks to a confirmed experience of almost 20 years in the industry, LCP RED boasts a proven track record in several major real estate operations, ranging from the advisory in the acquisition of luxury hotels to the sale of high-value return commercial portfolios or the development of large regenerating projects of more than 40’000sqm. As in all transactions within the Loyal Capital Partners (LCP) Group, LCP RED caters for the most discerning clients in absolute confidentiality.

As part of its global development strategy, the Loyal Capital Partners (LCP) Group has entrusted LCP RED with the identification, analysis and appraisal of assets that may match the Group long-term acquisition process for its existing portfolios. Such opportunities include, but are not limited to, residential apartment blocks, selected commercial entities and construction plots across Switzerland.

All development projects are piloted and steered by LCP RED, in joint venture with renowned construction companies in Switzerland.

Our mission

We provide carefully analysed investment opportunities in the real estate sector to our clients, participating in the prosperity and stability of their wealth.

Our values


Professionalism is only one of the many components that define our strong work ethic at LCP RED and is not just illustrated by our thorough knowledge of our business. Our commitment to punctuality guarantees the respect of deadlines and answers to requests within 24 hours. We take pride in taking responsibility for our actions and working with integrity and impartiality. All our ground operations are steered from our dedicated back office in Lausanne, with all services centralised in one location, to the primary benefit of our clients.


Whereas insurances or banking services are tightly regulated in Switzerland, realty enjoys a relatively loosened environment in which many actors may find a role to play. At LCP RED, the knowledge of the latest rules and developments pertaining to real estate investments is absolutely crucial. As such, we are proud to cooperate with the most well-known individual and corporate surveyors, and to offer a constant annual internal training to our colleagues about the latest changes in this sector to continuously offer cutting-edge expertise.


Real Estate investments are often the backbone of many investors, providing them with a much needed stability for alternative operations. A single mistake or lack of precision can have serious and often irrecoverable consequences. At LCP RED, every single detail counts and precision plays an important role in our daily activities. “A word is a word, and a number is a number”. Thanks to a well-organised team, we make sure that our clients are well-understood and provided with a flawless service. From the first investment memorandum to the legally-binding contract, information accuracy prevails.


Closing transactions in the Swiss real estate sector is often a challenging task, for reasons ranging from language-related or cross-cultural issues to unrealistic expectations or lack of consistence. LCP RED takes pride in being described by many clients as persistent and as such, we effectively close transactions and deliver the end product. Our multilingual team reaches out to all regions of Switzerland and verifies each detail. Once a potential deal has been validated by our clients, we commit to following and bringing an operation to its conclusion. We simply don’t let go.