Real Estate Transactions

Negotiating and investing with you.

Being a proud company of the Loyal Capital Partners (LCP) Group, LCP RED – Real Estate Developments contributes to the Group’s  investment objectives in the real estate sector.

As such, LCP RED assists specific clients and the Group in their acquisition and disposal of various assets throughout the year, negotiating on their behalf and finding the best solution in their interest.

Such operations involve property trading, brokerage, club investment options and joint-ventures, through Private Equity or financial engineering structures.

We negotiate on your behalf and close the transaction

Whereas many real estate investment opportunities lead to a Due Diligence period, a large majority of transactions never close.

Such issues are generally linked to financing or legal uncertainties in relation with the asset, or even structural problems which were not identified early enough during the preliminary Due Diligence. In addition to the previous reasons, one other explanation to a stalling negotiation can simply be conflicting personalities at a rather sensitive moment, where time is of the essence.

Such delays can be particularly damaging for anyone and represent substantial losses, both in time and money.

Thanks to a very diverse and skilled team, LCP RED has gained the recognition of many of its clients for its ability to be solution-oriented, where compromising and drawing red lines require a certain sense of diplomacy. Our experience and team spirit allows us to close more than 90% of our transactions, leaving clients more than satisfied to hire our services from the first day of their next transaction.

LCP RED as an investment actor

In line with our Group’s development objectives, LCP RED occasionally invests in opportunities presented to us.

Depending on the size, location, typology and return of the asset, LCP RED may either invest its own funds, refer to the Group’s family office (LCP FO) or enter into a joint-venture agreement with one of our trusted external partners.

For more details about our current investment criteria, please contact us at vasb@ypc-erq.pu.

Partnering with only the best and most stable construction companies in the country, LCP RED has become a reliable actor for those seeking to transform their dreams into stone-hard investments.

Sourcing partners, investors and opportunities can be cumbersome for many reasons. At LCP RED, our advice addresses issues from Due Diligence to compliance, as well as cross-cultural, technical and political specificities.

Focusing on return-generating assets, LCP RED closes several major transactions each year in all Switzerland, specialising in complicated negotiations and acting as investor / co-investor depending on situations.